Inside Out Golf Swing – Try These Two Drills For Success


You have probably heard before that to hit the golf ball with accuracy and power, you have got to be able to implement the inside out golf swing. Also, you must steer clear of what is generally known as coming over the top. This is a swing flaw that causes the golf club to drift outside the target line on the downswing, which results in the ball slicing terribly.

If you would like to keep from coming over the top, you need to learn how to keep your golf club from wandering outside the target line. You can do this by working on the opposite of coming over the top – this is the inside out golf swing. Some of the most dominant, accurate players are able to do this consistently. When you make impact with a downswing that comes from barely inside the target line, this will help you get rid of your awful slice and will most likely get you drawing the ball a little. If you would like to train yourself the inside out golf swing, give these two drills a try:

The Three Tees Drill

1. Place three golf tees into the ground approximately 3 inches apart so they form a line. The line should be at a 45-degree angle of your target line and should be pointing towards the left (if you are a right hand golfer). Make certain that there is enough space between the golf tees to swing the golf club through.

2.    Try to clip the top of the middle tee “only” be making some swings with a 7-iron. The golf club will have to go between the outside golf tees at a slight inside out pathway to keep from hitting them. If you are able to do this over and over again, you will know that your club is precisely traveling from the inside and not the outside. If you are hitting the outside tees, this means that you are coming over the top and need to practice on your swing.

This drill will help you perfect the inside out golf swing path.

Swing Inside Pathway Drill

1. Place a golf ball on the ground and lay your club down about 8 inches away from the ball and parallel to your target line. Then, lay another golf club outside the first one, with it pointing about 20 yards to the right of the proposed target (if you are a right hand golfer). The 2nd club should form an angle of approximately 10 degrees to the target line. You will want to make certain that both clubs are far enough away so that you don’t hit them when you swing.

2.    Now, practice taking your golf club back (backswing) along the club that is parallel to your target line and then advance (downswing) along the path of the angled club – striking the ball with an inside out golf swing.

If you perform this drill consistently, you’ll soon ingrain that vital inside out path into your swing.